It is always advisable to use a professional federal application processor and compliance agent to register the certificate in order to avoid mistakes and delays in processing. Click here to be redirected to the TxDMV application.

The following INTRAstate motor carriers must register and renew TxDMV Certificate (:
- Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) with gross vehicle weight rated above 26,000 pounds;
- HazMat motor carriers regardless of weight.
- Farm vehicles with registered weight rated above 48,000 pounds.
- Authorized-For-Hire Household goods carriers regardless of declared weight;
- Commercial Buses;
- Vehicles rated for 15-passangers or more (incl. driver);

NOTE: Texas INTERstate carriers which in addition to their out-of-state operations also transport within the State of Texas must additionally file the UCR (Unified Carrier Registration). You may file the UCR by visiting Upon verification of UCR fees collected, your TxDMV certificate may be eligible to be converted into a Non-Expiring UCR Certificate. Such carrier(s) are not required to renew the TxDMV certificate, nonetheless they must upkeep their insurance endorsements and pay the annual Unified Carrier Registration.